The Open Group OSDU™ is an Open Source, standards-based data platform to stimulate innovation, industrialize data management, and reduce time to market for new solutions in the energy industry. The OSDU Data Platform™ will provide over time access to a vast portfolio of open and proven vendor-developed applications from a broad range of energy sources. By accessing this ecosystem, developers no longer have to develop and maintain the monolithic architecture needed to deliver unique value-add services. Now, with a single set of well-defined and industry-specific APIs, organizations can easily accelerate platform design and develop proprietary applications on top of the OSDU Data Platform.

Proud Member Of the Open Subsurface Data Universe


DeepIQ supports both ELT and ETL workloads for ingesting data into OSDU


DeepIQ supports OSDU authentication and consumption of OSDU data models


DeepIQ provides comprehensive data transformation and data QC components required to create OSDU compatible data models from your sources

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