DeepIQ + Databricks

Databricks is a data platform that lets organizations collabaratively create and run data analysis projects in a sructured and scheduled manner with the help of open-source technologies allowing for better speeds and scalability

DeepIQ is a proud member of the Databricks partner network and runs natively on Databricks


Ingest multi-modal data into Delta Lake platform from industrial, structured, and geospatial data sources


Orchestrate and manage Databricks Clusters


Run sophisticated time-series, geospatial and machine learning workflows on Databricks

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Whitepaper - Deep Learning on Azure and Databricks

Building Deep Learning models on large datasets can increase your cloud costs significantly. Find out how DeepIQ can help you cut down these costs by up to six times on your favorite cloud platform in our latest whitepaper


Whitepaper - Industrial IoT Analytics with DeepIQ and Databricks


Joint Databricks + DeepIQ Webinar - Databricks Tech Summit

Databricks and DeepIQ teamed together to present how you will develop cutting edge AI workflows on both streaming and batch data that combine time series data from historians like PI, Scada systems like Ignition with your IT sources like SAP within minutes to power your digital transformation.

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