Self Service {Data + AI} Ops for the Industrial World

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Cloud native app with simple footprint

State of the art time series and geospatial data engineering libraries

Low code collaborative environment

50X performance gain with distributed computation

Fortune 500 clients across industry verticals

What Our Customers Say

“DeepIQ has powerful capabilities for processing sophisticated 3D geospatial data using Fuzzy inference networks and deep learning models. DeepIQ’s distributed computational framework allowed us to execute sophisticated prediction workflows on large 3D geospatial volumes in a matter of minutes”

— Antoine Caté PhD, PGeo, Senior Consultant (Structural Geology)

“DeepIQ was just what we needed to successfully meet the scope and schedule requirements of our integration.”

- Jimmy Holmes, Director Data Management & BI

“To date, Schlumberger has utilized DeepIQ to build multiple O&G data transformation pipelines. We have found DeepIQ to be a powerful IT-OT tool that simplifies the development process, saving time and facilitating closer collaboration with non-technical personnel.”

- Benoit Foubert, VP technology Digital Operations Solutions at Schlumberger


Leverage simplified connectors to your industrial data sources

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Use dedicated algorithms to process time series and geospatial data

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Achieve IT-OT convergence with a collaborative app for your technology and operations teams

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Combine data engineering and AI model optimization in single step

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DeepIQ Architecture

DeepIQ is a Kubernetes orchestrated app that uses your cloud’s elastic capabilities to scale to your data needs


Run on Multi-cloud or Hybrid Environments

Autoscale your workflows using your favorite cloud or on-premise platform.