DeepIQ Geospatial

Perform advanced geospatial analytics on your GIS data including maps and log files. Ingest your maps, correct your data issues and build structured learning models within mjutes

Data Ingestion

Ingest TIFF, LAS, Shape and GeoJSON files into your data lake

Structured Predictions

Use our patent pending machine learning algorithm for structured predictions over sparse geospatial datasets even with limited training data.

Data Preparation

Use sophisticated data cleansing operations to make sure your data is at required resolution and data quality issues are handled in a statistically robust way

Reconcile Geospatial Data

Build industry leading analytic reports that optimally fuses multiple systems of record using geospatial and probabilistic text and temporal matching

Whitepaper - Geospatial Analytics at Scale

In this whitepaper, we first explain the challenges in geospatial analytics. Then, we explain how DeepIQ addresses these challenges leveraging your execution environment for scalability and customizability.