DataStudio Applications

DataStudio Architecture


  • Deploy in hours - develop in days – realize value in weeks
  • Harness cloud’s distributed computing capability for 50x performance gains
  • Auto-scale for industrial data volumes: from kilobytes to petabytes
  • Industry leading library of analytics for OT data
  • Cloud Native: Runs on AWS EMR, Azure, Databricks, Cloudera
  • Industry agnostic

Time Series Data

Plug any telemetric source or sensor into your data lake so you can execute machine learning algorithms, perform exploratory and advanced analytics.

Universal Connectivity

Connect to any industrial source using our edge software that can translate multiple industrial protocols or leverage inexpensive middleware.

Highly Scalable

Scale both to the velocity and volumes of industrial data sources leveraging the distribution capabilities of the cloud.

Native Analytic Support

Perform advanced analytics without expensive data movement leveraging the native capabilities of your cloud or big data platform.


Augment your streaming IOT source data with machine learning and time series analytic results.

Data Transformation

Perform complex ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) jobs both for structured and unstructured sources using a simple drag and drop UI.

Power & Speed

Leverage our parallel and distributed computation for 10x efficiency gains on your data processing workflows.

Change Data Capture

Track changes to your data and capture slow changing dimensions with automated audit columns including dates and user details.

Schema Mapping

Transfer data between your cloud and on-premise SQL and NOSQL databases seamlessly. Infer your source to sink schema mapping automatically across your sources.

Scheduling & Monitoring

Track all your data jobs in a single place using the Web dashboards. The advanced monitoring tools will ensure everything runs smoothly or will generate alerts when problems arise.