Ingest data from your diverse industrial sources
to your cloud platform of choice
Build high quality domain specific
data models
Use natural language to explore and
engineer your data

Automate Industrial Expertise with

Generative AI

AI-Powered No-Code Platform. For Industry 4.0

The world's largest enterprises use DeepIQ.

DeepIQ was just what we needed to successfully meet the scope and schedule requirements of our integration.

Jimmy Holmes

Director Data Management & BI
To date, Schlumberger has utilized DeepIQ to build multiple O&G data transformation pipelines. We have found DeepIQ to be a powerful IT-OT tool that simplifies the development process, saving time and facilitating closer collaboration with non-technical personnel.

Benoit Foubert

VP technology Digital Operations Solutions at Schlumberger
DeepIQ’s new generative AI features will revolutionize offset well analysis and greatly improve accuracy, while reducing time taken by at least 95%

Antony Martin

Directional Drilling SME
BHP is very impressed with the geological outcome that was based on the best analytics available.

Stephen Busuttil

Manager Data, BHP
DeepIQ has powerful capabilities for processing sophisticated 3D geospatial data using Fuzzy inference networks and deep learning models. DeepIQ’s distributed computational framework allowed us to execute sophisticated prediction workflows on large 3D geospatial volumes in a matter of minutes

Antoine Caté PhD

PGeo, Senior Consultant (Structural Geology)

Extract data from all your sources

  • Drag and drop connectors to standard industrial time-series , geospatial and semi-structured sources including support for different network topologies
  • Support for both real-time and batch ingestion of high-volume and high-velocity industrial data
  • Sink support for all popular cloud platforms including AWS, Azure and GCP
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Engineer your data like never before

  • Industry leading engineering support for time-series, geospatial and semi-structured data, including ETL / ETL workloads to power your enterprise data lake
  • AI-powered automated contextualization to reconcile siloed data sources and construct comprehensive enterprise knowledge graphs
  • Unprecedented scalability with parallel computation and streaming support
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Explore your data with Generative AI

  • Generative AI powered data ops empowering subject matter experts leverage domain-rich natural language for multi-modal data engineering and exploration
  • Highly accurate results without model hallucination based on complete data and result lineage
  • Generative AI models trained on domain knowledge graphs to produce contextualized insights
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Run on Multi-cloud or Hybrid Environments

Autoscale your workflows using your favorite cloud or on-premise platform.

DeepIQ is easy to deploy and use.


Leverage our cloud native, SaaS architecture for seamless deployment, zero maintenance costs, and unwavering uptime

Uncompromised Data Ownership

Maintain complete data ownership with control plane and data plane separation safeguarding your data


Benefit from a dedicated network and private link support enabling uninterrupted and secure communication

Generative AI Results that you can trust.
No hallucinations. Complete data confidentiality. Highly cost-effective.